• CISSP Labs
    January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2023
    8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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CISSP Labs                          6 Months Access                            $149.00


Analyze and Update a Company BCP/BIA/DRP/CIRP
Analyze SQL Injection Attack
Analyze Structured Exception Handler Buffer Overflow Exploit
Applying Filters to TCPDump and Wireshark
Baseline Systems in Accordance with Policy Documentation
Creating a Baseline Using the Windows Forensic Toolchest (WFT)
Creating a List of Installed Programs, Services and User Accounts from a WIN2K12 Server
Creating a Secondary Baseline and Conducting Comparison
Creation of Standard Operating Procedures for Recovery
Data Backup and Recovery
Firewall Setup and Configuration
Identify Access to a LINUX Firewall Through SYSLOG Service
Identify Whether High-Risk Systems Were Affected
Identifying System Vulnerabilities with OpenVAS
IDS Setup
Implementing Least-Privilege on Windows
Linux Users and Groups
Log Correlation & Analysis to Identify Potential IOC
Manual Vulnerability Assessment
Manually Analyze Malicious PDF Documents
Manually Analyze Malicious PDF Documents 2
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
Monitoring and Verifying Management Systems
Monitoring Network Traffic for Potential IOA/IOC
Network Segmentation (FW/DMZ/WAN/LAN)
Parse Files Out of Network Traffic
Patch Installation and Validation Testing
Performing Incident Response in a Windows Environment
Scanning and Mapping Networks
Securing Linux for System Administrators
Use pfTop to Analyze Network Traffic
Vulnerability Identification and Remediation